Overseas sales

1, quickly grasp the industry knowledge, understand the industrial chain, lock target customers;

2, skilled of useing Google and other searching tools, the rapid gathering of industry company information, grasp the key points

3,Reach the industry leader or decision-maker through the mail and telephone and introuduce our conference products

4, Responsible for overseas market customer invitation

Job requirements:

1 men and women are not limited, college degree or above, exhibition and advertising industry experience is preferred,

2 communication, coordination ability and strong sense of team;

3 have a certain English skills of speaking, listening, writing and so on;

3 has a certain compressive capacity, the reaction rate is strong, have quick thinking, need to have a certain market analysis ability and solving problem ability,

4 good computer skills, strong learning ability and adaptability.

Salary and benefits:

The position of the company is a formal staff preparation, once hired will enjoy:

1, rising in a large space, improve project experience training, regular training opportunities.

2, work full year and above can enjoy annual leave, Tourism Fund

3, guarantee the basic salary + commission + bonus + open channel promotion + five social insurance and one housing fund annual salary of more than 150 thousand!

4, the provisions of the state each year to enjoy paid annual leave, statutory holidays;

Working time: work time: 9:30-18:30, five days work.